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5 reasons panfan should be your next bathroom upgrade

1. panfan removes odor at its source

Why wait until unpleasant odors are in the room where they're much harder to deal with? Panfan extracts and treats odor and bacteria internally so they never get a chance to contaminate your bathrooms and adjoining areas.

2. panfan gives you a blank canvas to create your fragrance of choice

With an odor free room, you’re able to create a more subtle, natural fragrance of your choice. Rather than trying to overpower unwanted odors, simply add a hint of your chosen fragrance.  Think fresher, lighter and more natural.

2. panfan gives you a blank canvas to create your fragrance of choice

3. panfan is simple and cost effective to install in any bathroom

panfan is a battery powered fan unit designed to make installation very simple and discreet.

  • The fan unit conveniently fits inside your toilet tank - not seen
  • The rechargeable battery with on/auto off switch, fits onto the side of your tank or adjacent wall.

4. panfan is tested, proven and trusted by world leading bathroom suppliers

Panfan became the supplier to a world leading bathroom equipment manufacturer after an exhaustive product testing regime. As one of the world’s most trusted bathroom suppliers they will not represent any product that doesn’t deliver what it promises. panfan not only met, but exceeded their independent testing expectations. 

5. panfan is a simple solution, call your installer

panfan has a network of local installers who offer a full installation, serviceand maintenance solution. Make sure you have a fresh smelling bathroom.You deserve it!

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