About Us

Panfan Marketing Ltd is a New Zealand based company and our product is assembled in Tauranga, New Zealand. Panfan has International Patents pending. We aim to consistently deliver the best and most friendly service. The Panfan has had over nine years of engineering, fine-tuning and perfecting. The Panfan is the first of its kind, yet it is an 'experienced' product that has been in the market for over 30 years. First it was the PFV vented model, developed in the late 1980's. The PFV has been used in new buildings and renovations across New Zealand both residential and commerical. The PFC and PFW filtered models were further developed in 2006. The PFC model won the 'Best New Bathroom Product' award at KBIS which is the largest international trade show in the United States.


Our fans typically have a lifetime of 5-10 years, and replaceable filters generally last for 6-12months.
Panfan eliminates toilet odour, and 99.9% of airborne micro-organisms, directly from the toilet bowl. With Panfan there is no need for aerosol sprays and Panfan is 10 – 20 times more energy efficient than standard ceiling fans.

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