Removes odour directly from the toilet

Odour cannot enter the room
Leaving your bathroom a pleasant place for all

The most efficient toilet fan ventilation solution available

other extraction methods allow the odour to fill the room and adjacent spaces before being able to expel them outside.

No Chemicals

No more  aerosols. A complete odour removal system ensuring your bathroom remains smelling fresh and clean.

Locally Made

Proudly manufactured in New Zealand using locally sourced and imported components.

30+ Years

Product development has created a proven technology satisfying many users all over the world.

How does Panfan work?

Our toilet fan is installed in the ceiling space, with a 40mm PVC pipe drawing air from the toilet through the fan and to the outside. Unlike other extraction fans, the Panfan only draws the air required while the toilet is in use saving both energy and climate controlled air.

“Your bathroom will always remain odour free”

Why wait, no need to vent your whole bathroom when using the toilet. 
Panfan removes the micro-organisms that cause toilet odour directly from the toilet. Avoid those embarrassing and unpleasant moments while you wait for the whole room to be cleared when using a ceiling fan.

Reduced Heat Loss

No need to vent your whole bathroom and adjacent spaces just to remove toilet odour

Power Savings

Panfan uses less power than other air extraction systems with no run-on time


No need for open windows for fresh air
and improved peace of mind

Why is Panfan so efficient?

“The room remains pleasant after every use”

Unlike ceiling fans that need odour's to fill the room before being able to expel…

The Panfan toilet fan ensures odour's never enter the room as odour is drawn directly from the toilet pan, straight from the source – saving considerable energy while more importantly ensuring your toilet room remains pleasant during and after every use.  

Panfan comes Vented or Filtered

Vented fans are ideal for New Builds and Renovations 
Filtered fans are a great retrofit without the need to run pipework.

Vented Range

The vented range fit any toilet. This is an ideal system for new homes and renovations where the wall lining will be off.   LEARN MORE

Filtered Range

The filtered range fits most toilets by sliding the fan unit onto overflow pipe. This is a great choice if you aren't building or renovating. LEARN MORE


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