"As an architect I am bombarded with new and improved product literature daily. What made thePanfan stand out and immediately appeal was that it tackled an age old problem with a simple yet novel approach – i.e. deal with toilet odour at its source. And, in addition, remove the odour not mask it, whilst simultaneously providing the air change requirements for the room.

My initial trial project proved Panfan to be as effective as its principle is simple, and subsequently I have specified Panfan technology for over 8 years ... in commercial, industrial, health and educationfacilities, as well as in residential environments.

Some projects have not been standard, requiring specialized design and installation. On these occasions Panfan manufacturing Ltd. has been highly responsive in producing an effective solution which meets the specific project parameters.

Often a project has been the client's introduction to the Panfan product but after experiencing theperformance and reliability first hand they have become repeat users. One local authority dealing with the very demanding environment of public toilets was so impressed they adopted Panfan as theirstandard for all new and refurbishment situations".

Fraser Vickers


Public plumbing services inspector

Thank you for the opportunity to install and trial a Pan Fan in my home. This unit has now been in operation for approximately 4 years and in use for up to 30 minutes every day. I can confirm that I have had no problems with the unit and my wife and I have been very satisfied with the efficiency of the system.

The Pan Fan completely eliminates any odours from the room and in doing so, any airborne pollutants. I can confidently recommend the Pan Fan to anybody as a relatively cost effective method to remove bathroom smells for a healthier environment.

My qualifications to evaluate the Pan Fan are over 30 years as a Registered and Craftsman Plumber, of which more than 20 years has been in Plumbing and Drainage

Yours faithfully,

PJ Koller

Inspector for the Napier, Auckland and North Shore City Councils.


"Thanks you for installing the Panfan in our offices. As you will recall the toilet compartment is internal. Since the Panfan installation some four years ago the compartment has been completely odour free. We have had other installations carried out for clients with equally satisfactory results.

You have a good product that we will continue to specify and we wish you well in this venture". Yours sincerely
Gary Denniston
Denniston Hodgson Turner Architects

Rest Home

"Elmswood Lodge is a 36 bedded rest home. Our Home was built in the 1980s and at that time Aged Care facilities were built without ensuites/toilets. Over the last 2 years we have been renovating the home to put in ensuites/toilets.

Being a Rest home, one thing we always are conscious of, is having those "certain odours" undercontrol. We try to eradicate odours wherever possible, without over doing the air fresheners, which only seem to add to the odours problem. Most of our new ensuites do not have outside ventilation. It was a major request that we find a product that eradicated odours effectively and with those few thatdo have windows, the safety aspect of putting in a Panfan meant residents didn't have to leave awindow open for fresh air.

We were introduced to the Panfan, which was easily installed into our toilet cistern. It automatically activates and draws the odours from the toilet. It is just perfect for our needs. They are quiet and youdon't even realize they are there.

I would recommend these units to companies or individual who, like us, can't afford to have odours lingering or for security reasons don't like leaving those bathroom windows open".

Sharon Owen

Nurse Manager - Elmswood Lodge Rest Home


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