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Special for Jon Eakes listeners

For Jon Eakes listeners living in Canada we have out together a package for our Auto Filtered model including tracked freight to your door for $160 USD. All you need to do is contact us via the form at the bottom of the page and we will arrange to get your new Panfan shipped out. 

Filtered Auto Kit

This unit is battery powered with an auto sensor built in. The auto sensor mounts to the wall and can be turned on or off manually by pressing the on/off button. The PFCdcA utilises our specifically designed activated carbon filter cartridge, removing 99.8% of all airborne micro-organisms.

How does it work?

The filtered range fits most toilets by sliding over the overflow pipe as seen in the diagram below. This is a great choice if you aren't building or renovating. This system works by venting the air through a filter (used in the agar plate test) which captures 99.9% of all airborne micro-organisms leaving the bathroom free from odours.

Scientifically Proven

You can see the Agar plates below showing the air with and without a Panfan fitted to public toilets. The study was done by the Dublin University where Panfan has been proven to remove 99.9% of all airborne micro-organisms. So not only is the air odour free its free from all related air borne micro-organisms as well. 

Will The Filtered Model Fit My Toilet?

If a Coca-Cola ('Coke') can will fit inside you toilet tank, so will the Panfan
Check the overflow pipe is accessible. Note that the coke can fits on top of the accessible overflow pipe - the can end is flush with the side of the pipe. See the pictures below showing "coke can test" and an illustration of dimensions required to fit the Panfan. Ensure the Coke can (or Panfan) does not interfere with the operation of the tank functions.

If your tank does not fit the Panfan using the coke test Don't panic Please seek advise as there is very likely a very simple solution:

a) Your flush valve may have an accessible overflow pipe but the valve needs rotating in order to allow the Panfan to fit

b) Your tank may have a cumbersome water inlet valve getting in the way of fitting the Panfan, simply change the water inlet valve to a single sided valve.

c) Your flush valve may have a water inlet valve attached to the accessible overflow pipe, simply change the water inlet valve to a single sided water inlet valve.
Note: that the flush valve has also been rotated to fit the Pafan fan unit

d) Your flush valve may not have an accessible overflow pipe, simply change the flush valve to a model that has an accessible overflow pipe.

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