What is Panfan?

Panfan is a revolutionary, award winning product that eliminates toilet odour and the micro-organisms found in that odour. Panfan creates a much more hygienic, odour-free bathroom. Panfan comes as a vented or filtered kit that is activated when the toilet is in use, creating a vacuum within the bowl so bad smells never escape! Panfan filters the air drawn from the bowl with an active-carbon filter or vented directly outside; eliminating unwanted smell and 99.9% of harmful micro-organisms that would otherwise be released into your bathroom.

Scientifically Proven

The Agar plates here show the bathroom air with and without a Panfan fitted to public toilets. The study was done by the Dublin University where Panfan has been proven to remove 99.9% of all airborne micro-organisms. So not only is the air odour free its free from related air borne micro-organisms as well. 

Stop Masking The Issue

Why use sprays that only cover up the smell, you don't pull a matt over food spilt on the carpet so why mask toilet smells with sprays, you're not removing any of the airborne micro-organisms but instead  pulling a rug over the spilt food. Everyone knows what the smell of an air freshener is attempting to cover and can often lead to the same reaction as to the smell itself. So why not start dealing with the issue today and not only get rid of the foul smell but the micro-organisms as well.

Get an odour free bathroom today!

Why wait, you don't vent your whole kitchen for your hobs when you're cooking so why waste energy venting your whole bathroom when using the toilet. Unlike other extraction methods, Panfan removes the micro-organisms that cause odour directly from the bowl so you don't have to breathe them in before they are extracted from the room. How many times have you gone to the bathroom after someone else to be confronted by the smell that has yet to be extracted.

Panfan offers

  • Security - You don't need to have your window open to breathe fresh air
  • Reduced Heat Loss - Because you don't need to vent your whole room to remove odour you don't loose all that heat that has built up. 
  • Power Savings - Panfan uses less power than traditional extraction units saving power, as well as the savings on keeping the bathroom warm in winter.
"As an architect I am bombarded with new and improved product literature daily. What made thePanfan stand out and immediately appeal was that it tackled an age old problem with a simple yet novel approach"

- Fraser Vickers

Vented Range

The vented range fit any toilet and vents out the back of the cistern above the waterline up the wall and out to the soffit, the fan is located in the ceiling space where it can easily be accessed if required. This is an ideal system for new homes and renovations where the gib will be off the walls.

Filtered Range

The filtered range fits most toilets by sliding over the overflow pipe as seen in the diagram below. This is a great choice if you aren't building or renovating. This system works by venting the air through a filter (used in the agar plate test) which captures 99.9% of all airborne micro-organisms leaving the bathroom free from odours.


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